Dragon Age: Inquisition

BioWare cheated us with Dragon Age: Inquisition

No, you could not make the horse run faster, all because of technical limitations. It just looked like it.

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If you've played Dragon Age: Inquisition, you surely remember that you could sprint with your horse between destinations to save time. Or... could you?

When a Twitter user asked "what's the most useless fact about Dragon Age that you know?", the creative director of Dragon Age: Inquisition, John Epler, decided to chime in and had something really surprising to tell us about his game. It turns out the sprint really didn't do anything because of technical limitations from the game engine, Frostbite:

"when you 'sprint' on a horse in DAI it doesn't really do much because frostbite couldn't stream in levels fast enough, so we just added speed lines and changed the camera so it felt faster".

Well played BioWare, well played!

Dragon Age: Inquisition
A slow horse in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Because there are no fast ones.

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