Star Wars: The Old Republic

Bioware leaves Star Wars to focus on Dragon Age and Mass Effect

The rumours were true.

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Earlier this month, IGN's Rebekah Valentine reported that Bioware was preparing to outsource Star Wars: The Old Republic to focus on their big single-player games. She was, as usual, right.

Bioware confirms Broadsword is taking over as developers of Star Wars: The Old Republic from here on out. This is good news for those of you still playing the MMORPG, as these developers will continue to bring more content to the game and keep it updated. Most of Bioware's SWTOR team has also been offered to transfer over to Broadsword as part of this transition, while others will unfortunately have to be laid off.

The reason for the latter is that Bioware leaves Star Wars: The Old Republic behind to stay "focused on being a leader in developing immersive, emotionally charged, single-player games". Basically, they're putting everyone and everything into making Dragon Age: Dreadwolf and Mass Effect 4. Fantastic news for a Norwegian fellow that definitely prefers those kinds of Bioware games.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

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