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BioWare pulls Mass Effect statue depicting Shepard's death from sale

Shame, I was going to add it to my collection of dead people figurines.

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The BioWare Gear Store recently announced the latest statue coming to Mass Effect fans. It would be the start of a new series "commemorating some of the key and most emotional moments in the series."

However, fan backlash has meant that pre-orders of the statue have been cancelled and BioWare has paused sales of the item. All those who pre-ordered will get refunds, of course. It does seem that the statue will return at a later date, with some marketing that perhaps doesn't seem to exploit one of the darkest moments in the games for a lot of Mass Effect fans.

The statue depicts the moment in Mass Effect 2 when Shepard is blown out of the Normandy and sent plummeting to their death. Of course, as we know, this isn't the end for our protagonist, as that comes towards the end of Mass Effect 3. However, it still touched a nerve with many.

What do you think of the statue?

Mass Effect 2

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