Blade Runner to get CG-spin-off called Black Lotus

And it's coming later this year.

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Despite the original movie releasing in 1982, Blade Runner has had a resurgence recently. The sequel, Blade Runner 2049 debuted in 2017, and now Adult Swim and Crunchyroll has announced that the pair have been working together to bring a new cg-spin-off to the iconic cyberpunk universe.

Known as Blade Runner: Black Lotus, the show is set between the events of the first and second film and takes place in Los Angeles in the year 2032. It follows the story of a replicant called Elle who has special combat skills and is being pursued by a Blade Runner that intends to retire her.

The trailer, which you can see on Adult Swim's YouTube channel also mentions that the show will be arriving this fall, but doesn't give an exact date for when we can expect to see it on Crunchyroll. The show is also set to feature 13-episodes in this season, as IGN has reported.

Blade Runner to get CG-spin-off called Black Lotus

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