Blaster Master Zero

Blaster Master Zero and Blaster Master Zero 2 coming to Xbox

If you pre-order before release you can snag yourself a 20% discount.

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Blaster Master Zero 3 was announced back in March and will be the first game in the series coming for the Xbox consoles. But as some gamers wants to play through the previous entries first, Inti Creates has now announced they will make this possible..

Blaster Master Zero is launching for Xbox (both One and Series S/X) on July 1, with Blaster Master Zero 2 coming for Xbox on July 15. As both of these are roughly 8-10 hours long, it should give you plenty of time to explore both. And they are actually well worthy of your time with good Metroidvania fun.

To make this even better, Inti Creates writes: "Pre-orders open up 2 weeks before release w/ a 20% discount!"

Blaster Master Zero

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