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Pokémon Unite

Blastoise is coming to Pokémon Unite next week

The creature arrives just before the game's mobile launch on September 22.

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It has been revealed that Kanto favourite Blastoise is heading to Pokémon Unite next week on September 1. Blastoise is the latest in a line of creatures to be announced for the MOBA following its launch this July. Already we've seen Blissey and Gardevoir added to the line-up and Sylveon and Mamoswine were revealed in the most recent Pokemon Presents to be coming soon.

A short teaser posted by the game's official Twitter shows several of the creature's moves. Here we can see it blasting foes with water from its back cannons, disappearing into its shell and performing a rapid spin attack and riding upon waves of water. Full details on Blastoise's moves and stats should be released soon with the character's debut being so close.

Pokémon Unite

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