Bleeding Edge

Bleeding Edge isn't performing well on Steam

Ninja Theory's team-based action title Bleeding Edge isn't doing so great on Steam according to SteamDB.

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Ninja Theory's Bleeding Edge was always an odd title and a mix of a MOBA and a fighting game. Since the release, Ninja Theory has improved the game and added new content - but it seems none of this has impressed Steam gamers.

According to SteamDB, there are currently fewer than 30 people playing the game on Steam, which of course is not a good sign. It could be argued that Bleeding Edge must be bought for Steam, while it can be downloaded for free from Microsoft Store if you have Xbox Game Pass.

While that argument holds some merit, this is also true for Sea of Thieves that had peak 66 906 concurrent players during the last week. It's simply not looking good.

Bleeding Edge

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