Bleeding Edge

Bleeding Edge launch trailer offers intense action

Get ready for some arena mayhem, Bleeding Edge's launch trailer is here and it's delightfully violent.

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We only have four days to go until we get to play Ninja Theory's first game since becoming part of Xbox Game Studios. We're talking about Bleeding Edge, an arena fighter with a team of four people beating each other up with colourful 'larger than life' characters.

Some of you might have beta tested it already as it's been tested by people who pre-ordered it as well as Xbox Game Pass subscribers. Gamereactor recently got to play it as well when visiting Ninja Theory in England, and you can read our impressions here.

Now, the launch trailer for Bleeding Edge is here, and it offers a good look at the characters, their 'over the top' attacks and also reveals why they are fighting in the first place.

Take look below. Did you play Bleeding Edge during the beta testing, and if so, what did you think of it?

Bleeding Edge

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