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Diablo IV

Blizzard has banned thousands of players in Diablo IV

For exploiting bugs to cheat their way through the game.

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Blizzard obviously takes no prisoners when they unleash the ban hammer in Diablo IV, we don't have an exact figure on how many people have actually been banned but it is said to be thousands who in one way or another tried to cheat their way through the game.

In several cases, these are online bugs that can be used to your advantage, one example is the so-called "Seasonal Exploit" where you could move large amounts of gold and other items between the Eternal and Seasonal worlds.

This bug was patched in version 1.1.1 and many players who exploited the bug have reported that they are now banned. Some of these players are now sharing their experiences on social media, some claiming their innocence while others simply admit that they exploited the bug despite knowing the risks.

One problem with this cheating is that it can actually affect innocent people who, for example, receive a load of gold from someone who has exploited the bug and is then banned. Not too funny and Blizzard doesn't exactly turn a blind eye to the issue either.

Diablo IV


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