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Diablo IV

Blizzard has promised better Diablo IV patches going forward

Following the latest disastrous one, the team has said never again.

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Just ahead of Season of the Malignant, the first seasonal update for Diablo IV, Blizzard released a massive update that addressed pretty much every aspect of the action-RPG. When the mega patch notes dropped, it didn't take long for players to start sharing their opinions on the changes, something which led to a protest of sorts on rating platforms, where the game's user review scores dropped significantly. Blizzard has since commented on these actions by fans and said that the patch was both bad and that it will never do something similar in the future again.

As part of the recent fireside chat developer stream, community manager, Adam Fletcher, said, "We want to acknowledge everyone's feedback in regard to reducing player power. We know it is bad. We know it is not fun... We also want to talk about what we were trying to achieve specifically with this patch and with the changes that players ended up seeing. And then, separately, we do want to also talk about how we don't plan on doing a patch like this ever again."

The idea for the patch was to make the game more fun, but this clearly did not end up being the case. To this end, Blizzard promises to correct a few different parts of the game that changed with the patch, including Legendary aspects for Sorcerer and Barbarian, more stash space, bigger stack sizes, and more thrilling Nightmare dungeons. The catch will be that this next patch will need a little time to roll out, so don't expect to see it for a few weeks.

What are your thoughts on Diablo IV's current state?

Diablo IV

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