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      World of Warcraft: Legion

      Blizzard "hear you loud and clear" about content for Legion

      They will work on more regular patches and mini updates for the game.

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      World of Warcraft's Legion expansion has been out for a while now, and we caught up with Legion's Senior Art Director Chris Robinson and Production Director John Hight to learn more about the reception of Legion and what's in store for the future.

      Robinson started by talking about the reception. "We're just excited," he said, "because we pour so much into this thing, and obviously it's our baby, and we play it through and from a player perspective we have our own likes and dislikes from things we've done in the past. Personally speaking, I think I'm more into Legion than I have been in any expansion since Wrath of the Lich King. And it feels like our community's really been very positive about it as well, so so far so good."

      Hight added that there was "a flood hitting our servers, and we weren't sure whether the technology could handle it or not and it did. We actually had small queues happening, and then we just raised the realm cap so we were able to let pretty much everybody in."

      In regards to what the future holds, Robinson had this to say: "Well this is like an awesome time to be sitting here talking to you about Legion because we've launched the game [...] and we're right at this precipice because we're building up against this force that's been invading us and now the question remains: 'what are we going to do?'"

      Hight talked more about patches specifically, and said that the fans weren't happy with waiting a year for content updates with Warlords. "We hear you loud and clear," he said, "and we have plans for lots of content updates for Legion. It's a big story to tell, but along with that we already put out the 7.1 patch returning to Karazhan, it's a pretty beefy patch itself, but also in between some of our major patches we're going to do what we call mini updates. So the next one, 7.1.5 we just talked about, is going to have brawlers guilds [...] updates to one of our favourite arenas."

      "And that's what we consider a mini update. 7.2, which we haven't set a date on but is not too far away, is actually going to be one of the biggest patches we've ever done," and you can see all the details on the content included in that patch here.

      Is this a better approach to content this time around?

      World of Warcraft: LegionWorld of Warcraft: LegionWorld of Warcraft: Legion

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