World of Warcraft: Legion

Blizzard reveals details on WoW Legion's 7.2 patch at BlizzCon

A new questline, a new raid and a new dungeon, plus lots more.

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At BlizzCon this weekend World of Warcraft: Legion's Game Director Ion Hazzikostas took to the stage to get people excited about upcoming patches for Legion, and in 7.2 there should be plenty of new content to keep fans satisfied.

Patch 7.2 will bring the Tomb of Sargeras raid, featuring nine bosses which includes a battle against famous antagonist Kil'Jaeden. A new dungeon will also feature in the patch, called Cathedral of the Eternal Night, including four bosses. This dungeon will take place above the Tomb of Sargeras, too.

Difficulty settings are also changed, so heroic and mythics will be rebalanced so old dungeons can still be played without getting boring after players level up and get new gear.

Flying mounts also make a return as well, but involve completing an achievement which requires you to explore each zone fully, including storylines and earning revered status. Epic mounts also feature, too, as do artifact traits and relics and a new tier of artifact skins.

Brawls are another key feature coming in 7.2, allowing players to beat each other up in settings like Winter Arathi Basin or Packed House, the latter of which is a brawl where 30 people fight in a normal-sized arena.

A lot of the above features, however, require you to complete the centrepiece of the patch, the Broken Shore questline. This will put players back where Azeroth's armies failed to stop the invasion of the Burning Legion. In this, class order storylines are continued as the Armies of Legionfall renew their assault on Broken Shore just as the Legion will be launching their assault on Broken Isles. In short, this questline seems huge, and alone should offer players plenty of stuff to do.

Patch 7.2 should come in late spring 2017, according to Hazzikostas. Which aspect are you looking forward to most?

World of Warcraft: Legion

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