Blizzard to stop selling Overwatch loot boxes on August 30

You will still be able to earn them through gameplay however.

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Blizzard has made it clear that when Overwatch transitions into Overwatch 2, various changes will come into effect. One of these will be the way the game is monetised, as Blizzard will be removing loot boxes entirely and instead shifting towards a battle pass and store model. But with Overwatch 2 set to launch on October 4, the Californian developer has now announced that it will no longer be selling loot boxes in Overwatch 1 by the time that the Anniversary Remix Vol. 3 event comes to a close.

This means that on August 30 and onwards you will not be able to purchase loot boxes, but that doesn't change the fact that until Overwatch 2 launches, you will still be able to earn regular loot boxes by levelling up and through gameplay. It should be known as well that any unopened loot boxes will automatically be opened when Overwatch 2 arrives, meaning you won't lose any of the goodies that they contain.

Otherwise, the Anniversary Remix Vol. 3 is now available to check out in-game, and has brought revamped skins for Tracer, Pharah, D.Va, Genji, Baptiste, Symmetra, Hanzo, and Soldier 76.


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