Blizzard's co-founder responds to the allegations against the company

Mike Morhaime: "I failed you."

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Blizzard has been under a lot of scrutiny over the past few days after a list of allegations against the company arose, claiming that it displays a "frat boy culture", where female employees are routinely subject to sexual harassment, retaliation, and unequal pay.

The lawsuit that was first reported on by Bloomberg has mentioned that the state of California has found that the company has discriminated against female employees, and leadership at Blizzard routinely failed to take steps to prevent the behaviour.

The ruling has seen company president J. Allen Brack send out an email to the staff (reported on by Jason Schreier) mentioning that the allegations are "extremely troubling" and that "the behaviour detailed in the allegations is completely unacceptable." Brack's email also mentioned that the leadership will be meeting with various members of the company to "discuss how we can move forward".

Now, a former Blizzard co-founder has spoken up about the claims, with Mike Morhaime saying over Twitter, "It is all very disturbing and difficult to read", as well as mentioning that he is "ashamed" and that he "failed you" to the women of the company. Morhaime has also stated that he can and will use his influence in the industry to help drive change to combat the discrimination that it currently displays.

Following this, another former Blizzard developer, Chris Metzen, has spoken up and provided a statement about the allegations on Twitter.

"We failed, and I'm sorry," said Metzen.

"To all you at Blizzard - those of you I know and those of you whom I've never met - I offer my very deepest apologies for the part I played in a culture that fostered harassment, inequality, and indifference.

There is no excuse. We failed too many people when they needed us because we had the privilege of not noticing, not engaging, not creating necessary space for the colleagues who needed us as leaders. I wish my apology could make any kind of difference. It can't."

Blizzard's co-founder responds to the allegations against the company

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