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Toyota Fortuner facelift may use 2.8L Diesel Turbo + 48V mild hybrid powert

Written by Owenn0 on the 29th of June 2022 at 04:14

The Toyota Fortuner 2022 facelift may use the existing 2.8L Diesel Turbo engine coupled with a 48V mild-hybrid system to get better fuel consumption and comply with stricter emissions regulations, and according to Thai media reports, the new generation of the TNGA-F platform-based car may be released in 2023, most likely in Thailand!

According to the Thai media, the car will basically be released around 2023, and the new generation will be based on the TNGA-F platform. It will also be the first Toyota vehicle in the Pickup Platform Vehicle class to feature a mild hybrid system.

According to reports, the 2.8L diesel turbocharged engine, codenamed 1GD-FTV, will remain in the revised model, which currently has a maximum horsepower of 201 Hp and a peak torque of 500 Nm. The engine can also be temporarily shut down to allow the battery to briefly power electrical devices such as the air conditioning, effectively reducing the car's fuel consumption and optimising its emissions performance.

In addition, thanks to the Instant Torque feature of the electric motor and the additional power provided by the 48V system during acceleration, the car is also expected to accelerate a little faster, and if it gets stuck in a pothole while off-roading, the instant torque will help the car to get out of it, which will improve the car's off-road performance to a certain extent.

Finally, the above information is based on information from sources in the Thai media and has not been officially confirmed, so we'll have to wait for the official announcement before we can be sure.