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Blood Bowl: Kerrunch

Blood Bowl charges its way onto a new mobile game

Blood Bowl: Kerrunch is the "Arena version".

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Blood Bowl 2 arrived recently on PC and consoles and the blood hasn't even got a chance to dry on pitch, as Cyanide Studios are preparing to roll out another game related to the famous tabletop franchise. This time it's time to head out in the field on mobile devices with Blood Bowl: Kerrunch.

There isn't much said about the game, but it doesn't replicate the original Blood Bowl experience to the letter. Instead players are given a team of 5 players and the field is just five squares wide. You can see a bit of the action in a new trailer below. You could say that if Blood Bowl parodies NFL action, then this parodies Arena football.

Blood Bowl: Kerrunch has 75 unique players to unlock and around 200 levels for solo players to grind their way through. There will also be a multiplayer league with daily challenges, daily missions and so on. The exact release date is unknown, but the game should be out "soon".


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