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Bloodborne remake rumours are crawling out of the woodwork again

Don't do that, don't give me hope.

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It feels like an annual tradition that Bloodborne remake rumours or speculation over a potential PS5 port pop up online. Now, yet again the internet is ablaze with the idea that possibly the best FromSoftware game is getting some love.

The latest rumours come from David Jaffe, who was speaking about the currently unannounced upcoming PlayStation showcase this month. In the latter half of a YouTube video, Jaffe brings up the highly anticipated Bloodborne remake and points towards it actually happening.

Jaffe has no solid evidence to back up his claims, so it is more than likely we're going to need salt by the spoonful here. However, considering the high demand for anything Bloodborne related, perhaps 2023 is the year we finally hear of a PS5, 60fps remake of the dark, horror-inspired RPG.

Would you want to see a Bloodborne remake?


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