Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 is 2K's fastest selling game

The shooter has passed the 15 million sales milestone.

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Recently, Take-Two Interactive released its latest financial report, a document that for the most part saw Grand Theft Auto V's continued success draw all the headlines. But one game that did see a brief mention following its 2019 launch was Borderlands 3, which is regarded in the report as 2K's fastest selling title to date.

The threequel has surpassed the 15 million sold copies milestone, which is a pretty impressive figure, but not exactly close to 2K's best selling game of all-time, its big brother, Borderlands 2, which has sold almost twice as many copies, at 26 million units.

With Borderlands 3 selling faster, we can assume that if it continues selling at the same rate it has, it's on track to beat Borderlands 2 in the future, but amassing another 11 million copies isn't an easy feat, and definitely not something we should hold our breath for.

Borderlands 3

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