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League of Legends

Bubble system rumoured to be considered for League of Legends World Championship

This could point to how competitions will be held as global lockdown restrictions ease.

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Riot Games are reportedly considering a bubble system to enable the 2020 League of Legends World Championship to be held in person. The event would take place within a single city and the bubble system would ensure that correct social distancing procedures are being followed with the Covid-19 pandemic currently ongoing.

If the rumoured system does go ahead then it will see the 24 qualified teams travel to Shanghai, China to compete at Shanghai Stadium. This would be a vast departure from what many other organisers have decided to do as many competitions have now moved to an online format. The proposed bubble system could point to how these types of competitions will be planned to be held as restrictions across the world begin to ease.

Thanks, ESPN.

League of Legends
Riot Games

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