Destiny 2: Beyond Light

Bungie partners with Palladium for limited Destiny 2: Beyond Light collab

Prepare yourself for the cold winds of winter, with some sweet Beyond Light themed footwear.

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If you are a Destiny fan, your Guardian has probably already made it to the icy world of Europa, and whilst they have a Ghost and plenty of armour to keep them warm, are you prepared for the cold winds of winter? If not, Bungie and the boots manufacturer Palladium has a deal for you.

Two new pairs of boots have been revealed, each with the theme of Beyond Light at their core. The first of the two is the Pampa Sub Zero that features Velcro fastenings and a reflective metal carabiner heel tab. The mid-ankle boot is set to "withstand the rigors of interplanetary travel," providing "enough cover for your daily life on Earth," as the press release reads.

The second boot is the Pampa Europa Tactical, which boasts a faux fur lining in a hi-rise above the ankle upper design. Coming in a muted colour palette with neon yellow highlights, this boot will suit "the survival needs of Guardians who navigate the frozen landscape of Europa," fearlessly defending against inhospitable environments.

Prices for both boots start at €169.95 for the Pampa Sub Zero boots, with the Pampa Europa Tactical marketing for €189.95. You can buy them at the Bungie Store here.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light
Pampa Sub Zero boots.
Destiny 2: Beyond Light
Pampa Europa Tactical boots.

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