Call of Duty: Warzone

Call of Duty: Warzone's map has become Verdansk '84

The map is seeing some serious changes, and zombies will no longer be a problem for players.

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Today is a pretty big day for CoD fans, as the third season for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is now live with Call of Duty: Warzone looking to follow suit with some pretty crazy changes. While we already know a lot of the details about what we can expect in this season and in Black Ops Cold War multiplayer thanks to a previous roadmap revealed by Activision, the question about what will happen to Verdansk following the nuking has largely eluded us.

Recently, I attended a presentation that detailed all the happenings in Warzone season three, and yes the map will be receiving quite a few, hefty changes. The biggest thing to note is that the setting will no longer be in the present, instead Verdansk is heading back a few decades and will now be regarded as Verdansk '84. To mark this change, several locations across the map are changing. Some are getting touch-ups that reflect the fact that Verdansk looked very different thirty five years ago, while some places are being changed pretty much entirely.

Dam is now becoming the Gora Summit Black Ops map, making it easier to climb up, and even features working cable cars. Verdansk Stadium will remain open, but will now be in its construction state, making it less of a nuisance when having people shooting you from the roof. Similarly, Quarry will no longer be a quarry - it will instead become the Karst Salt Mines, where all the buildings are open and there's no longer a massive hole to cross. Then the last location that is receiving significant changes is the Farmland, which is now becoming the Black Ops map Standoff.

Downtown, TV Station, Train Station, Airport and Superstore are all getting tweaks to their appearance that reflects the past setting, and then to bring some new changes to the map, a few new locations are also popping up. One is Old Mine, which will make the north-west corner of the map less drab. Then, the one that will probably catch your eye pretty soon is the Grid Array, a towering structure that is massive and incredibly vertical - and believe me, you won't miss this one. Airplane Factory will also be a new area that is coming to Verdansk, so keep an eye for that one as well.

The Warzone map will also look slightly different in general, as the game is no longer set in the Winter, but instead is set in the Spring. This should make the game a little brighter and easier to see people with. And, for those wondering, the zombies will all be gone, thanks to the change in time period.

Otherwise, we can also look forward to private matches set on the Rebirth Island map, the Resurgence game mode coming to Verdansk more permanently, a new Gulag, new blueprints for the MP5 and the FFAR, more marquee item store content, and best of all, seasonal narratives that connect Warzone and Black Ops Cold War together with events such as one themed around the 80s and another about the mysterious Red Doors.

If you haven't already, be sure to check out the destruction of Verdansk cutscene below.

Call of Duty: Warzone

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