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Street Fighter V

Capcom bans porn-sponsored team from its Pro Tour

Team YP won't be allowed to attend Capcom Pro Tour events, though its players can still compete individually.

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The fact that Team YP is sponsored by porn site YouPorn continues to put hurdles in the way of the esports organization. Last month, ESL banned the team from their events, a move that mostly hurt Team YP's all-female Counter-Strike squad. And now Capcom has also shuts its doors to the team.

Capcom has updated the ruleset for its Street Fighter V circuit, dubbed the Capcom Pro Tour. The new rules prohibit players from attending "if sponsored by adult content sponsors, such as a publisher of pornographic websites, or any other sponsor Capcom deems inappropriate at its sole discretion."

Though the rule mentions players, the intent is apparently only to prevent adult-sponsored teams to showcase their logos and sponsorships at Capcom Pro Tour events. In two tweets, Capcom says they're currently reviewing the new rules and says "but all players are allowed to compete."

Team YP currently sponsors two Street Fighter players, Valentin "Valmaster" Petit and Anton "Filipinoman" Herrera. Valmaster was supposed to play at Stunfest, one of the events on the Capcom Pro Tour, just as the rule change was announced. He was allowed to play the tournament under the condition that he didn't wear any team logos or Team YP apparel.

Late last year, Team YP introduced a variation of their usual jersey with a blurred-out version of the logo, specifically so Valmaster could play at the Capcom Cup finals. But presumably that wasn't enough for the publisher.

Street Fighter V

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