Dead Rising 2: Case Zero

Case Zero tops XBLA 2010 sales

09's Trials HD comes second

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Analyst firm Forecasting & Analyzing Digital Entertainment, LLC (FADE) has posted the sales figures for the ten biggest Xbox Live Arcade titles of 2010, with Capcom's Dead Rising 2: Case Zero topping the list with 689,000 units sold.

Oddly, 2009's Summer of Arcade hit Trials HD scooped the number two spot with 553,000 units sold, with this year's SoA masterpiece Limbo trailing it by some 26,000 units. However, PlayDead's title was the biggest grossing title of the year, generating $7.5 million dollars in sales.

Xbox Live Arcade posted a 16% increase last year, with titles earning "an average of $816,000 USD per title on the year - up from approximately $720,000 USD among new releases the year prior," according to the press release.

The list in full is:

Dead Rising 2: Case Zero (Blue Castle Games/Capcom) - 689,000 Units
Trials HD (RedLynx, LTD) - 553,000 Units
LIMBO (Playdead) - 527,000 Units
Castle Crashers (The Behemoth) - 415,000 Units
Toy Soldiers (Signal Studios) - 383,000 Units
Family Game Night [Various Titles (Hasbro)] - 294,000 Units
Monday Night Combat (Uber Entertainment) - 293,000 Units
Perfect Dark (Rare) - 279,000 Units
Battlefield 1943 (EA Dice) - 268,000 Units
Deadliest Warrior: The Game (Pipeworks Software) - 210,000 Units

Dead Rising 2: Case Zero

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