Ghostwire Tokyo

Catch the Ghostwire Tokyo launch trailer here

It premiered on last night's State of Play broadcast.

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While last night's State of Play broadcast gave us a look at quite a few new and upcoming titles, it came to no surprise that the very soon to release Ghostwire Tokyo made an appearance as well. Coming from Tango Gameworks, this supernatural title asks players to step into the shoes of Akito, to team up with the spirit of the ghost hunter KK, to work to foil the nefarious plans of the evil occultist leader Hannya.

With Ghostwire Tokyo set to debut in a few weeks, on March 25 to be exact, the launch trailer for the title has now been released, giving another look at the gameplay and the storyline for the thrilling adventure.

You can catch the launch trailer below, and can even pre-order Ghostwire Tokyo today, to be eligible for a variety of items and goodies to use in-game, as well as early access from March 22, assuming you grab the Deluxe Edition.

Ghostwire Tokyo

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