Cell-shaded shooter Roboquest will soon be gunning its way onto Xbox consoles

It will also be coming to Xbox Game Pass.

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It might not have shown up during the most recent Microsoft & Bethesda conference, but one game that has recently been announced to be releasing as an Xbox console exclusive is Roboquest. The game is an intense FPS roguelike that sports a similar cell-shaded style to Borderlands. It released in August 2020 via Steam's Early Access program and it's planned to release as part of the Xbox Game Preview program later this year and will later come to Xbox Game Pass at launch.

Within a recent blog post, RyseUp CEO, Milen Ivanov provided a brief description of the game's story and setting. He said: "The year is 2700. Climate change and wars have changed the face of the world that we currently know. Humans live scattered throughout the desert, struggling to survive. A young scavenger girl named Max stumbles across an old Guardian robot, lying abandoned in the sand. She activates him, knowing that possession of a Guardian will give her an advantage at surviving. Turning on the old Guardian kicks off a dangerous journey that will take the unlikely pair from dangerous canyons to vast cities searching for answers to mysteries that may save humankind. "

If you like what you see then you'll want to take advantage of a current sale that is taking place on Steam. From now until June 22, you can purchase the game for 30% off, and a bundle that includes the game and its soundtrack has also received a 28% discount.


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