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Dota 2

Changes are happening to Dota Pro Circuit points

We also have more details on who can earn points.

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Valve has revealed that key changes are happening to the Dota Pro Circuit for the 2018-19 season, as not only do we have the Kuala Lumpur Major to look forward to in November, but we also have changes to how points are earned with these competitions.

Points in the Pro Circuit are earned by all 16 teams playing in the Major and all eight teams in the Minor, with Majors being worth 15,000 points, and Minors worth 500 points. What's more is that Major points scale with prize pools above $1 million USD, with the full breakdown of points available here. Points are also now earned by teams, and players don't take points with them if they change teams.

As for The International 2019, which will be the biggest competition of the season, the top 12 teams with highest point totals receive direct invites to this competition, while the other invited teams will be determined by one regional qualifier per region.

Are you excited for the new season to start?

Dota 2

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