thosol01: hello
Solfinn: Hey guys. You having buffer issues again?
Shikyo: yes
Solfinn: Sorry about that. Hopefully we'll get it fixed very soon
sejefyr: yeah buffering a lot
Shikyo: so much
sejefyr: yes every 5 sec
Shikyo: can't load at all now
Solfinn: The stream should work all right on twitch so you might head there. And just use this chat ;) Hope we get this problem soon
Solfinn: Fixed soon*
sejefyr: its fine now
sejefyr: almost no sound from clip
Mike Holmes: You can see the full interview here - http://www.gamereactor.eu/news/335743/Lake+on+Quantum+Break%3A+%22your+choice%2C+your+version+of+the+show%22/
Mike Holmes: http://www.gamereactor.eu/news/335743/Lake+on+Quantum+Break%3A+%22your+choice%2C+your+version+of+the+show%22/
sejefyr: I have voted for Grow Home, looks like the most interesting
sejefyr: buffering again
sejefyr: both on GR site and twitch
sejefyr: 1st: Grow Home, 2nd: Zombie Vikings, 3rd: Armello
sejefyr: he have been selling it one time before in the beginning
sejefyr: is there any news on the prize I won 2 weeks ago and about the dlc code for CoD I won over a month ago?
Solfinn: I will look into that sejefyr :)
sejefyr: thanks Solfinn
sejefyr: you can check the livestream with Magnus playing CoD, and you need to quess how many times he died, and the stream with Dori playing Evolve
robinron: Is the stream over?
robinron: *Finished
Shikyo: playing on xbox???
Shikyo: thought it was ps4 :/
sejefyr: Didnt Dori said it was on ps4?
sejefyr: Gonna play with you GR next friday, when it is Destiny ;)
sejefyr: Total deaths the whole stream is gonne be 57
sejefyr: you should have a deathboard on the wall in the back, when you are streaming CoD ;)
Nick Lynn: Philip i want my rematch in evolve soon !
Nick Lynn: im game on ps4 :D
Nick Lynn: 50
Nick Lynn: deaths
Nick Lynn: i believe in you philip !!
Nick Lynn: i dont want the code i just wonna guess :D
Nick Lynn: I allready have it on my xbox one and ps4 :D
sejefyr: I remember this map in CoD Modern Warfare 2
roddan1: Hey all!
sejefyr: you can get on the roof, and be an awesome sniper
sejefyr: Hey roddan
roddan1: Hey sejefyr! All good with you?
Indiankobran: Hi Philip!
roddan1: Have i missed the friday news?
sejefyr: no games like me now xD how about you?
sejefyr: Hey Indian
Indiankobran: Your death count is higher then it was in the Bloodborne stream.
Indiankobran: Hi sejefyr!
Indiankobran: Im guessing the death count will stop at 77.
roddan1: Philip - are you in to Destiny like Nick :)?
sejefyr: I will raise mine to 65
roddan1: thx for the info.
sejefyr: back to my first guess 57 ;)
roddan1: Philip -When will next stream be send, and what game will be played?
Solfinn: Okay, guessing closed ;)
roddan1: Are playing with on PS4 Philip?
sejefyr: close on both chats :)
roddan1: Have a good weekend, and i see you on Monday:)
sejefyr: you too roddan :)
roddan1: take care sejefyr
Solfinn: Thanks for watching guys! Hopefullu we'll get the buffer issues fixed before our next stream
sejefyr: you can fix it Solfinn :)
sejefyr: cya all