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Chatting with Team Ninja about Nioh 2 - The Complete Edition

Recently, we were able to speak to Fumihiko Yasuda, Game Director on the PC version.

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After blessing us with some of the best Souls-inspired action out there, Team Ninja is now sadly putting the Nioh series on hold. Before it disappears off into the sunset, however, the acclaimed studio has a few final surprises up its sleeves for fans. In February, PC players will be able to experience Nioh 2 for the very first time when The Complete Edition launches. Players on PS5 also have something to look forward to as The Nioh Collection (which includes remasters of both games) releases on the very same date.

In the wake of these upcoming releases, we were able to catch up and chat with Fumihiko Yasuda, Game Director for the PC version of Nioh 2 - The Complete Edition. Here we were able to discuss some of the exclusive PC features for the title, as well as what the team hopes to achieve beyond the release of the Complete Edition.

Gamereactor: With all three DLCs now included within this package, how many hours of content does the Complete Edition now include?

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Yasuda: Only taking into account a players' first run through all of the Complete Edition, I'd say about 80 to 100 hours.

Gamereactor: I can see that a PC-exclusive Valve Helmet has been revealed for the game. Are there any other goodies that are exclusive to PC players?

Yasuda: The Valve Helmet is the only PC exclusive item.

Gamereactor: When the first Nioh launched on PC, the game did not support mouse and keyboard, it was introduced in a later update. Can we expect keyboard + mouse support from the PC port, too, and what other PC-centric features will be available when the Complete Edition launches in February?

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Yasuda: Yes, both keyboard and mouse support is available from the start. The player can go into the settings menu and customise what combination of mouse and keyboard support they would like to utilise. The PC version also supports a range of graphics options for further customisation, as well as ultrawide monitor support.

Nioh 2Nioh 2

Gamereactor: Nioh 2, of course, has a reputation for being a pretty punishing game. What advice would you give to PC players who are just jumping in for the first time?

Yasuda: There are many RPG elements in Nioh 2 that allows for the player to take on the challenges presented throughout the game, even if they are not very accustomed to action games. Other players can also support you through the multiplayer mode. We are completely fine with players utilising their own unique strategies to progress through the story, and hope everyone can use whatever strategy works for them to make their way through Nioh 2 and achieve a great sense of accomplishment!

Gamereactor: Nioh 2 has also been revealed to be coming to the PS5. What improvements are included within this particular version?

Yasuda: One major point is that the load times have been greatly reduced. You can also now start the missions much quicker by enabling a setting that allows you to skip the first load screen during any mission. We also implemented support for the DualSense controllers through features that utilise haptic feedback and the adaptive triggers, as well as 3D audio.

Gamereactor: Out of the three DLCs included in the Complete Edition, which was your favourite to work on? And, which do you recommend first time players start with?

Yasuda: Each of the stories stand on their own very well and are a lot of fun, but "Darkness in the Capital" is my personal favourite as I always wanted to include Minamoto no Yorimitsu and Abe no Seimei into the Nioh series.

Gamereactor: With this game being a prequel, is there any idea about where the future will take Nioh?

Yasuda: We currently don't have any plans. As for any future titles in the series, I would like them all to be very challenging action RPGs.

Nioh 2Nioh 2

Gamereactor: With Nioh 2's run coming to an end with the Complete Edition. What can fans expect in the future from the series and the team?

Yasuda: Our team gained a lot of experience with RPG elements and character creation systems. For now our plan is to put the Nioh series on hold and start working on new projects, which will give us even more experience with new types of gameplay. With that new knowledge, we would like to work on a new entry in the Nioh series. Please look forward to it!

Nioh 2 - The Complete Edition is set to launch February 5, 2021 on PC and The Nioh Collection will launch on the same date for PS5. You can read our review of the base game here.


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