Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines' final expansion is planned for May

And then all eyes are onto the sequel.

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As part of the recent Paradox showcase that took place at the start of the month, it was revealed that Cities: Skylines would finally be getting a proper sequel, after eight years of post-launch support on the original.

Now, following up to this, developer Colossal Order has announced the latest roadmap for Cities: Skylines and revealed that the final expansion for the game will be debuting in May.

This mini-expansion will seemingly feature a vacation focus, and we're told that additional details about it will be shared "soon!" Otherwise, we can expect a host of smaller content packs that make up the World Tour - Last Stops batch of additional content, with these coming as soon as March 22, and running into May.

To kick things off on March 22 will be the Shopping Malls, Africa in Miniature, and Sports Venues packs, all on top of a free update and extra radio stations that brings 80s Movies Tunes, Pop Punk Radio, and JADIA Radio stations.

Looking ahead to May, we can expect more content packs, including the Industrial Evolution, Railroads of Japan, and the Brooklyn & Queens packs. There will also be the Piano Tunes and the 90s Pop Radio station arriving here as well.

Out of all of these final content additions for Cities: Skylines, which are you most excited for?

Cities: Skylines

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