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      Cities: Skylines

      Cities: Skylines gets Campus DLC this month

      New features are coming to foster learning, but there are also new radio stations, sports arenas, and residential buildings on the way.

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      Update: We've been informed that the Campus DLC will cost €12.99 & £10.29.

      Colossal Order and Paradox Interactive have revealed that the Campus expansion is coming to Cities: Skylines, letting you build new area types and increase the reputation of campuses and creating Academic Works. There are even unique faculties, seven new policies, new achievements, and five maps to discover as part of Campus, coming on May 21 for $12.99 USD (we've inquired about other prices).

      These campuses can be either a University, Trade School, or Liberal Arts College, and sports is a big part of the appeal, including arenas and facilities for various fields. Research grants and staff support help sponsor these academics, and the achievements made on campus can go straight to museums.

      Two new radio stations and a new Content Creator Pack are also coming, alongside two new library buildings, a yellow school bus, job titles in citizen info panel, and new industry policies coming via a free update later in May.

      University City will cost you $4.99 and adds 36 low-density residential buildings and 32 low-density commercial buildings, alongside 15 props to reflect students. Deep Focus Radio, on the other hand, costs $3.99 and adds ambient and lo-fi "study music", complete with 16 unique tracks. Campus Rock offers more of a rock vibe courtesy of DJ Claude Couture, again coming in at $3.99.

      For more on the Campus DLC check out the Steam page. Will you be building facilities to house the minds of tomorrow?

      Cities: SkylinesCities: Skylines
      Cities: SkylinesCities: SkylinesCities: Skylines

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