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League of Legends

CLG has bolstered its LCS coaching staff

Thinkcard and Croissant has signed with the team.

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CLG has revealed that it has signed two new members to bolster its League of Legends Championship Series roster's coaching staff. The team has picked up both Thomas "Thinkcard" Slotkin and Chris 'Croissant" Sun to serve as the head coach and strategic coach, respectively.

"In our search for a head coach, we were looking for someone with experience as an LCS Head Coach and one who valued player development as that is a vital aspect of what we are trying to accomplish at CLG," said Jonthan McDaniel, CLG LoL's general manager. "Thomas and I have worked together in the past and his work ethic is unmatched. We know he will help us continue to build towards what we are trying to accomplish as an organization."

According to the announcement, Thinkcard will organise day-to-day strategy and gameplay decisions, with Croissant joining to assist the team qualify for the World Championships at the end of next year.

"It's incredible to be back with CLG. This is an organization that I know well and I cannot wait to get started with putting down a foundation for what we want CLG to be for years to come," said Slotkin. "I know working with Jonathon, Chris and the rest of the staff at CLG that we have the tools to create something amazing."

League of Legends

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