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League of Legends

Cloud9 and mid laner Perkz have officially parted ways

Perkz only signed with the organisation a year ago.

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Despite only joining the organisation a year ago, Luka "Perkz" Perković has officially left Cloud9's League of Legends team. The two will be parting ways following the recent conclusion of Worlds 2021, which saw C9 manage to make it all the way to the quarter-finals, where they were defeated by Gen.G.

During their time together, C9 managed to become quite the force in the LCS, winning the Spring Season and the Mid-Season Showdown early in the year before struggling to carry that success throughout the rest of the year and into Worlds. While the team in particular faced difficulty during international events, the team did manage to take home third during the LCS 2021 Championship, where they ultimately fell to 100 Thieves (the team who ended up winning the event).

There's no mention as to where Perkz will be going to next, or who C9 will be picking up in his place just yet, but with the next season of the LCS expected to kick-off in late January as usual, we probably won't have to wait long until we hear some more roster news.

League of Legends

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