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Dirt Rally

Codemasters to focus on racing from now on

Malta office closing down, plus company launches Humble Bundle.

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Codemasters has announced their renewed commitment to the racing genre, this coming after disappointing sales for two of their recent non-racing releases.

Mobile card game Battle Decks was developed at the company's Malta-based studio, which will soon be closed down and folded into existing UK operations. Obviously the game didn't do as well as expected.

Via Eurogamer the company writes that they want to "double-down" on their racing franchises, with soon-to-leave Early Access title Dirt Rally proving an "incredible" success (the finished version is launching early next month).

This is a stark contrast to Overlord Fellowship of Evil, which the site suggests didn't meet internal expectations. The same site also revealed that a source at the company also revealed that as many as 30 staff have left the company in the last couple of months.

This news has emerged shortly after the company launched a Humble Bundle that includes a mix of their racing and non-racing titles, including Grid, Dirt and Overlord titles.

Dirt RallyDirt Rally
Dirt Rally is a success for the company, their new Overlord title less so.

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