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Street Fighter V

Combo Breaker becomes a Premier event in the CPT

Questions have been raised over qualification, though.

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Capcom has announced that Combo Breaker, a Street Fighter V event running from May 26 to 28, will now be a Premier Event, meaning that more CPT points are awarded to those who perform well, possibly meaning qualification to the Capcom Cup.

"Placing at Combo Breaker will earn you valuable ranking points that put you well on your way to qualifying for the Capcom Cup," the Combo Breaker website says. "So join us May 26-28 in St. Charles, IL for your chance to make a mark in the 2017 Capcom Pro Tour. The Capcom Pro Tour is Capcom's league destination for Street Fighter V. The circuit brings together players and spectators from all over the world to celebrate their love of Street Fighter."

What this has brought into question, though, is whether winners get automatic qualification into the Capcom Cup. It's not been eliminated as a possibility in these statements, but the ambiguity and mention of points rather than qualification does seem to raise some eyebrows. Do you think it will be automatic qualification?

Street Fighter V
Photo: Capcom

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