Battlefield 4

Community-created Battlefield 4 map out now

Operation Outbreak available to download.

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DICE might be hard at work on Star Wars Battlefront and Mirror's Edge Catalyst, but that doesn't mean that they're neglecting their back-catalogue. A prime example of this is the release yesterday evening of Operation Outbreak, a community-created map for the studio's military shooter, Battlefield 4.

The map is now available as a free download on console and PC (Origin), and it's significant because the community had a hand in defining the new environment, with opinion offered on forums and via votes over its specific features. Battlefield 4 producer David Sirland had the following to say:

"Involving the players and letting them participate in the creation of a map from the ground up is something we've never done before. Seeing our player's passion and dedication has been a great inspiration for us. When working with a very active community, releasing several updates to the map per week, we realised how powerful such a tight feedback loop can be."

The map is out now, and you can see the recently released Community Operation Cinematic Trailer below, which plays out to the Ride of the Valkyries.

Battlefield 4

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