Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles has sold more than one million copies

Full launch today for Funcom's survival adventure, launch trailer details progress.

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It's been 14 months since Conan Exiles launched on Steam Early Access, since then the game has also appeared on Xbox Game Preview (Xbox One), and overall more than one million copies of the game has been sold during the early access period (incl. pre-orders of the full game). Today marks the full launch of the game on PC and Xbox One as well as PS4 and below is the launch trailer that showcases the progress the game has made while in early access.

"Conan Exiles is already one of the most successful titles in Funcom's 25-year history," said Funcom CEO Rui Casais in a press release. "This has been a great experience for us. When I look at the incredible journey the game has gone through in just 15 months of Early Access as well as the very positive development in player reviews over the past few months, I feel confident that we've been successful in what we set out to do. I'm very proud of the amazing work everyone on the team has done."


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