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Conan Exiles just got tons of new content in latest DLC

Conan Exiles recently received 94 new building pieces, placeables and gear pieces as part of the new Architects of Argos DLC.

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FunCom has released a new DLC for Conan Exiles titled Architects of Argos, and as the name implies, there's a lot here for everyone dreaming of becoming an Architect in the Hyborian Age. This new DLC introduces 94 new building pieces, placeables and gear pieces, all inspired by the ancient seafaring nation Argos.

This means there are now over 500 different building pieces available in Conan Exiles, in addition to hundreds of pieces of furniture and decorative items. Check the trailer below for a few hints of palaces, temples, and monuments, you can build with Architects of Argos.

As a side note, there's also now a Complete Edition available, that includes the game and 10 extra DLC - including Architects of Argos.

Conan Exiles
Conan ExilesConan ExilesConan Exiles

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