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Cooler Master's HAF 700 PC chassis is an absolute behemoth

This monster of a case can fit all of the latest hardware, all while still keeping everything cool with an array of fans.

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As PC hardware gets larger and larger with every new generation, PC chassis are having to become bigger as a result as well. To this end, Cooler Master has created a new case that is massive enough to suit the newest technology, all while still having space for an array of fans and water cooling support to keep everything icy cool, and we've got our hands on this very chassis to see how it shapes up.

As part of the latest Quick Look, we've pulled together some facts and thoughts about the Cooler Master HAF 700, which for anyone wondering is a full tower chassis that measures 556x279x540mm in body size.

If you can't picture how big that truly is, be sure to watch the latest Quick Look below to see how the HAF 700 makes our very own Magnus seem rather small indeed.


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