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Diablo III

Could Diablo III be getting a Necromancer class?

More leaked Blizzard artwork hints at a new addition to the roster.

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Today we reported that images of a new Overwatch hero have been leaked by Blizzard, and now another leaked image seems to indicate that a Necromancer class could be headed to Diablo III.

The picture had "necromancer" in the URL, however, there isn't actually anything to suggest that it is alluding to Diablo III, other than the fact the picture looks a little bit like Diablo in style. Even the signature doesn't prove anything aside from who did it, being Blizzard Art Director John Mueller, who could have done it for any game.

Regardless, there is still at least some reason to believe there is a possibility of a new Necromancer class coming to Diablo III. Is this a class that would interest you?

Diablo III

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