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Crash Team Rumble

Crash Team Rumble has been announced, will be a 4v4 competitive brawler

Toys for Bob is giving us a unique take on the Crash brand next year.

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Toys for Bob basically confirmed that it had a new Crash Bandicoot title ready to announce at The Game Awards, when it teased its presence shortly before the show started. But as for what this game actually is, that has been announced and revealed as Crash Team Rumble.

As you might have guessed, this is not a mainline platforming instalment into the series, but is rather a 4v4 competitive brawler where two teams will be fighting to claim more Wumpa Fruit than the opposing side, all while defending key points, capturing locations, and protecting their own Wumpa Bank, while slugging it out and fighting with the cast of opposing characters.

As it stands, no exact release date has been mentioned, but we are told that Crash Team Rumble will be coming in 2023 and seemingly only to consoles, as the announcement trailer only refers to PlayStation and Xbox devices - both old and current-gen mind you.

Crash Team Rumble

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