The Flame in the Flood

Crazy moments come after The Flame in the Flood

We chat loosely about what might be next.

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We rarely get the opportunity to talk to developers just as they've shipped a game, but at GDC we caught up with The Molasses Flood's Forrest Dowling to hear his thoughts on the launch of The Flame in the Flood, the reviews and user feedback and what the future might hold.

As for the future, The Molasses Flood haven't really started working on anything, but Dowling has a rather vague idea of what he'd like to do.

"One of the approaches I've been thinking about taking for the next game is just figuring out like some awesome moments," says Dowling. "What is a really unexpected, crazy moment that you can experience while playing this game? Something that somebody that's streaming could show and they would just be thrilled to see it and the audience is going to go buckwild cause it's just something crazy that happened. I realise this is super vague, cause that's all it is. It's just sort of like a framing method for thinking of what's next. But one thing I've been thinking about is coming up with a moment and sort of building backwards from that and trying to figure out what game could we make that leads up to this sort of crazy unexpected thing happening."

The Flame in the Flood

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