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Crime Boss: Rockay City

Crime Boss: Rockay City to arrive on consoles in June

The game will be Epic Games Store exclusive for over a year.

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In a recent financial report, Digital Bros. has revealed when console gamers can look forward to playing Crime Boss: Rockay City. The document reveals that the game will remain as an Epic Games Store exclusive up until an unconfirmed date in June 2024, with this month being when the title will likely be coming to Steam and other PC storefronts. As for the console versions, the game will be debuting on PS5 and Xbox Series consoles in a few months time, in June 2023.

"The personal computer version of Crime Boss will be exclusive on Epic Store only until June 2024, at least. The launch of the console version will follow in June 2023."

The report also adds that the game is "one of the largest investments made by the Group through an internal studio," and has been designed in such a way that "recurring additional content production" will allow the game to be supported and, as Digital Bros. hopes, continue generating revenue for "multiple years to come."

Will you be playing Crime Boss: Rockay City when it arrives on PC on March 28, or will you be waiting for the console version in June?

Crime Boss: Rockay City

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