Elden Ring

Data mining might have revealed an upcoming DLC for Elden Ring

Two new maps coming?

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Elden Ring recently got a new update, and now data miners have found a few interesting things. It seems that there will be a support for ray tracing, and perhaps some kind of DLC or expansion coming.

Lance MacDonald has published his findings on Twitter, and things do seem to point towards ray tracing, which Elden Ring does not support at the moment.

On the other hand, Reddit has been speculating, that there might be a DLC or an expansion coming. This is because there are references to 2 new maps, both of which are not in the game yet.

Considering how successful Elden Ring has been, a DLC or an expansion would not be a surprise to anyone. You can read Gamereactor's review about the base game right here, and watch our video review right here as well.

Elden Ring

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