Dataminers reveal that Aloy from Horizon: Zero Dawn will visit Fortnite

It looks like Alloy is set to follow in the footsteps of Master Chief and Kratos.

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Dataminers went all in on the latest Fortnite patch, and this time they struck gold and found clear evidence that Aloy of Horizon: Zero Dawn fame is coming to Epic's battle royale title. She will also get her own Limited Time Mode, and the dataminers found strings like this, which gives us some clues as to what to expect:

• "Use loot from wildlife and technology to upgrade your weapons"
• "All Weapons can upgrade to legendary quality"
• "Keep an eye out for wildlife, you never know what might be lurking in the bushes"


Even better proof of Aloy visiting Fortnite comes from images of upcoming weapons. You can check them out below, and we expect her announcement will come fairly shortly. This could also be an indication that Sony has new stuff to reveal about Horizon Forbidden West very soon to maximise synergy effects.


Thanks, Resetera.

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