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DayZ creator Dean Hall unveils new survival game Icarus

Rocketwerkz's new sci-fi survival game was one of the games to debut during The PC Gaming Show.

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Dean Hall was among the developers to join our friends over at PC Gamer during their PC Gaming Show, an event that normally forms part of the E3 but this year stands alone as the LA-based event was cancelled in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

Hall, who was the creator-in-chief of the original DayZ mod and who spent some time working at Bohemia on the full version of the game before going his own way and forming Rocketwerkz, the studio behind a new survival game called Icarus.

This new game is a sci-fi survival title, although the tools that players will be using are still somewhat primitives, with hammers and axes on hand to make structures out of wood (at least, that's what we saw during reveal trailer). The focus appears to be on short, structured survival missions on strange alien worlds, with missions designed for players to take on with their friends and work together against the clock.

As part of the unveiling, Hall also confirmed that the game will be free-to-play when it lands, which will probably be in 2021. You'll find more information over on the game's official site.


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