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DayZ finally makes it way onto PlayStation 4

More than four years after it was originally announced for Sony's console, Bohemia's survival sandbox has shuffled onto PS4.

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A lot can happen in four or five years, and if you look back to news headlines in 2014 you'll notice that the world was a very different place back then. Dean Hall, back when he was still working on the project, took to the stage at Gamescom that year and confirmed that Bohemia Interactive's standalone game (a version of the mod he started for Arma 2 back in 2012), was heading to PlayStation 4. And now, more than four years later, it has finally arrived. Better late than never.

The new version follows the PC and Xbox One versions of the game, which were finished late last year (you can always read our review if you want to know more about that), and now PS4 players can try their hands at surviving Chernarus in this grim zombie-filled survival sim. You can check out some PS4 gameplay to see it in action, and there's also a live action movie below if you're feeling that way inclined.


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REVIEW. Written by Mike Holmes

"While fun is there to be had and DayZ is still able to offer up uniquely intense flashes of quality, it's not enough to make this an essential survival experience in 2019."

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