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DayZ leaves Xbox Game Preview later this month

Bohemia Interactive's game left Steam Early Access a few months ago, and now Xbox players get the full version as well.

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Bohemia Interactive's game DayZ has seemingly been around forever, going through various changes and tweaks, and after arriving to Xbox Game Preview last year, we found out courtesy of last night's Inside Xbox livestream that it'll be leaving the program on March 27, launching in full.

This is something the game did on Steam when it left Early Access back in December (we provided a full review after launch), and now Xbox players can scavenge the world for resources too, battling not only the undead but also other players as they go.

Inside Xbox had a lot of information to take in actually, and speaking of zombies we also got the news of a Choose Your Own Apocalypse update coming to State of Decay 2, so if you want to battle the undead on Microsoft's console there will soon be even more ways to do it.

Have you tried DayZ on Xbox yet?


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"While fun is there to be had and DayZ is still able to offer up uniquely intense flashes of quality, it's not enough to make this an essential survival experience in 2019."

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