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DayZ physical editions coming on October 15

The PS4 and Xbox One versions of the hit game from Bohemia Interactive can be on your shelf next month.

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Sold Out and Bohemia Interactive have revealed that the physical editions of DayZ for PS4 and Xbox One are releasing on October 15, just in time for Halloween, providing access to the full game and its hostile world.

This will throw you into Chernanus, an environment that can fit 60 players in a single server, all of which will need to hunt, craft, and fight to survive. Environmental dangers include the weather, animals, the infected, injuries, and diseases.

"We're thrilled to be bringing the DayZ experience to so many more players on PS4 and Xbox One this October," said Sarah Hoeksma, Marketing Director at Sold Out. "As one of the original online survival games, DayZ is a tense and thrilling title that has already seen millions of players across the globe team up with others - or betray them - to survive the open world of Chernarus."

Those who want the physical edition, which you can see below, can expect to pay £29.99 (€39.99, $39.99 USD).

Will you have this on your shelf?


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