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DayZ was not changed to get Australia certification

Bohemia Interactive's Petr Polácek explained the situation to us during an interview at Gamescom.

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Over the last few weeks news has emerged that Bohemia Interactive's DayZ was refused classification in Australia when it came to the physical release, despite being available for years as an Early Access title, and at Gamescom we actually caught up with Petr Polácek - Marketing and product manager at Bohemia Interactive - to ask what had been changed to get certification in the end.

"Actually, in the end, we didn't have to change the game at all. It was just a legal process with the classification," he explained. "The reason we didn't get it for the physical version of the game was that the board had an old video review of the game there [was] a feature on the video that actually [is] not in the game, so we have just submitted the new video and we are fine right now, so we didn't [...] change anything in the end."

This comes after reports emerged that the global edition was altered after the decision from the Australian board, although it seems this isn't actually that severe at all.

The full interview will be coming to Gamereactor at a later date. Are you pleased to hear that nothing has been changed?


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