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Dead Cells

Dead Cells' Corrupted Update adds plenty of features

Recycling Tubes are there for experienced players, and a new mini biome has also been added to the game.

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Motion Twin and Evil Empire have revealed a big update for Dead Cells that has just landed, called the Corrupted Update, live on PC right now. Those on PS4, Switch, and Xbox One, however, will get it later in the month.

This update adds a new optional mini biome mirroring Prison Depths, giving players shorter challenges with one cursed chest at the start. Scroll Fragments are also introduced, which can be combined to make a triple scroll, with the new Recycling Tubes aimed at experienced players, unlockable when bearing the Hand of the King in BC1 difficulty. These replace the starting gear with four sets of five random items, and players can choose which to begin with, giving players momentum to tackle the first level.

Explorer's Instinct is a new rune that reveals all the map and points of interest, and biomes and paths have been rebalanced as well. There are three fresh Tactics mutations too, with Crow's Feet letting you place up to nine crow feet on the ground to damage and slow enemies; Tactical Retreat letting you slow foes; and Networking linking all enemies that have a projectile in there, sharing damage taken by one.

You can hear more about the update in the developer diary below, and check the full patch notes right here. What feature is the highlight?

Dead Cells
Dead CellsDead CellsDead CellsDead Cells

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